Medical Coding Services

Medical coding is critical to the revenue cycle of your institution, and it must be accurate, effective, and secure in order to sustain healthy revenue and compliance.

Accomplish your Financial and Compliance Goals

We do much more than data entry and claim transmission; Hurricane Management’s Medical coding services make you assure that your claim is submitted correctly from the start, based on the specific criteria of each insurance company. We empower you to successfully achieve your organization’s financial and compliance goals with our medical encryption services.

Our coding staff is well versed and highly proficient in providing services such as:

Guaranteed Accuracy

Our medical coding solutions provide a swift and configurable turnaround time, giving your facility the freedom to seamlessly secure accurate coding quickly. Additionally, our tiered Quality Assurance The process identifies and corrects any coding and/or compliance mistakes, ensuring that our coding is exact every time. Our primary concerns are quality and security; we aim to maintain compliance and guarantee 95 percent or better accuracy, so you can rest certain that your facility is getting the best-in-class coding partnership experience.

Medical Coding Solution

For optimum reimbursements, high-quality medical coding is crucial. Medical coding errors can be costly and lead to claim denials, as well as unjustified compliance issues, which can be even more costly.

CPT & ICD Coding

CPT codes must be transcribed correctly because they inform the payer of the clinical procedures performed, and the ICD codes attest to this with a copy of the diagnosis. Cryptographic collaboration is required to create an attractive payment claim.

Coding Audits

Coding audits verify that billing codes are correct and that they were used in compliance with the most recent coding rules and regulatory requirements. Our team of expert coders analyzes for anomalies and double-checks correctness with clearinghouses.

Getting Rid of Coding Backlogs

Our medical billing and coding services can assist you in resolving coding backlogs that have accumulated due to any variety of reasons. Backlogs in coding must always be cleared since they are exceedingly costly and detrimental to the company's financial stability.